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Construction Litigation

After the excitement of purchasing a new home, it is a nightmare to realize that the home has serious, even disastrous, problems that threaten the health and safety of you and your family. Accidents resulting from construction defects can cause injury and, in severe cases, death. In addition, you may be facing significant costs to repair your home. You may even have to relocate while the repairs are done.

If the new or recently built home that you purchased has major construction defects, you have rights. As a homeowner, you have the option to sue a builder for significant construct defects, under the New Home Warranty Act. The New Home Warranty Act makes builders liable for defects in new homes appearing less than seven years after they were originally sold. If the home is sold during that period, warranty coverage will apply to successive owners as well.

The act provides the warranties below from the date of occupation by the original owner:

  • Five-year warranty for defective structural components and foundations
  • Two-year warranty for electrical, plumbing, and other system defects
  • One-year warranty for cosmetic items

If your home has developed problems due to water intrusion, toxic mold, or other defects, contact us today. Our firm will review your situation and discuss what we can do to obtain compensation to fix your construction defect problem. We will thoroughly investigate your case, document the builder’s negligence, and work vigorously to achieve successful results for you. Our firm has years of experience effectively handing residential construction defect cases. We are tireless advocates who will seek full compensation for you.

Contact Harmon, Smith & Vourvoulias in New Orleans, Louisiana for a free consultation with an experienced construction litigation attorney.