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Chalmette, Louisiana, is a hot spot for police cruisers. Many state troopers and local officers carefully monitor the area, watching conspicuously for anyone they believe may be driving while intoxicated.

If you are pulled over under suspicion of DWI in Chalmette, Louisiana, you are likely confused as to whom to turn to for help. A DWI conviction can lead to serious consequences in your life, with the possibility of fines and even jail time (with multiple offenses).

Trust a team of dedicated Louisiana DWI attorneys to help you fight your Chalmette, Louisiana DWI charge. We understand your concerns and want to help you put this mistake—or misunderstanding—in the past.

Arrested for driving under the influence in Chalmette, Louisiana

Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to overcome some DWI/DUI and related charges. The police sometimes make mistakes. The police officer who pulled you over may not have had probable cause to stop you or may have violated your rights by improperly administering the field sobriety tests.

Breathalyzer machines, which measure your blood alcohol level, sometimes return questionable readings that can be inadmisible in court. In addition, biological factors sometimes explain the results of blood alcohol tests like the Breathalyzer. There may also be legal issues preventing the state from obtaining a conviction.

With George Vourvoulias, his first priority is finding a way to obtain a dismissal of your charges or a reduction to a non-alcohol-related driving offense. We will review every detail of your case to find any and all available defenses and will aggressively represent you throughout the legal process.

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We promise to guide you through the entire legal process, standing as your ally, making your concerns our concerns.

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