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A New Orleans DUI conviction can sideline your plans for the future

We all have plans for the future. 

But how would those plans change if you have a conviction for drunk driving? A DUI mark on your record follows you and casts a long shadow over your future.

Our New Orleans DUI attorneys at Harmon, Smith & Vourvoulias are here to help.

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What can you expect if you’re pulled over in New Orleans for a DUI?

We’ve all been there. 

For whatever reason, you see the blue lights flashing in your mirrors, and you have to pull over for the police. This can be a nerve-wracking situation, but you will be better off if you know what to do before this happens.

Harmon, Smith & Vourvoulias has years of experience representing New Orleans DUI cases and can help you know what to do if you’re pulled over for a DUI stop.

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Will I go to jail for my first DUI in New Orleans

Being arrested for a DUI can be a scary experience, and unfortunately, the arrest is only the beginning. 

There are countless ways that a DUI arrest in New Orleans can impact your life, but working with tenacious DUI defense attorneys like George Vourvoulias can help minimize those harmful effects and can help you fight against a conviction. 

Let’s take a look at the penalties for DUI in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Pulled over for a DUI in New Orleans?

If you have been pulled over for a DUI in New Orleans or anywhere in Louisiana, there is a lot that’s going to happen and it will be happening relatively quickly. 

The criminal justice system in Louisiana doesn’t take drunk or drugged driving lightly, and if you aren’t diligent in protecting your rights, you might find that you pay a heavy penalty or even potentially lose your freedom. 

Here’s what you need to know about protecting your rights during a DUI case, from our New Orleans DUI attorney George Vourvoulias.

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3 Ways to Leisurely Spend Your NOLA Labor Day Weekend

new orleansAfter the 4th of July life seems to fly by at lightning speed. The summer disappears before your very eyes and all of a sudden it is time to go back to school. Time to return to the laborious homework, teacher-parent meetings, and endless sports games.

Luckily, Labor Day provides that final long weekend before the hectic school year kicks in. You want to relax, take time with family, and soak up a few more New Orleans rays before the summer is through.

Here at Harmon, Smith, & Vourvoulias, LLC, we have the same exact mindset. We thought we’d share a few relaxing ways to spend your weekend! [Read more…]

Your Best Friend: The Ignition Interlock

ignitionAs you are leaving a friend’s 50th birthday party, your friend runs out to meet you.

“Hey, have you been drinking?” he asks.

You stop dead in your tracks. You have had a few beers, but you also ate a big dinner. Are you okay to drive? You didn’t accept that free martini. Perhaps you are all right, but regardless, your friend convinces you to leave your car at the party and catch a ride with him, not letting you drive.

You were questioning it. Were you okay to drive?  [Read more…]

Independence Day Joyriders Include Football Star

blurry lightsThe holidays provide the perfect opportunity for fun with family and friends. There is nothing better than celebrating the day with festive food and drinks. A holiday weekend is certainly not the time to count the calories and watch the intake.Independence day was no exception. When celebrating America’s birthday and watching the fireworks, it is almost too easy to have one too many servings of hot dogs and hamburgers, and unfortunately, one too many beers.  Unfortunately, this means that this summer holiday is not only festive, but it is also the deadliest day of the year when it comes to drivers.

The 4th of July is notorious for DWI charges and car accidents. This year’s holiday was certainly no exception.  It was almost impossible to drive to your barbecue without running into a DWI checkpoint. [Read more…]

In One Night, This Man Saved People’s Money and Lives

car crashOn June 22, Alex Sheen could’ve spent his evening at the movies or with friends and family. He could’ve gotten in a workout or taken his dog for a leisurely walk. He could’ve spent the evening watching one of the latest movies on Netflix.

Instead, Alex Sheen spent his Saturday night standing outside of a busy bar offering rides to people he had never met — for free. He stood with a sign saying:

“Hi, my name is Alex. If you have been drinking tonight, I’d like to offer you a free ride home. Someone I know killed a man while drinking and driving one year ago tonight. In honor of the man who died, I’d like to help keep the roads safe. I’ll even bring you back to your car tomorrow.”

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Self-Driving Cars to Eliminate Human Error and Car Accidents?

Google Self-Driving Car

“Some 90 percent of [car] accidents involve human error. What if we can make this go away?”

These were the words of Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s self-driving car project. The day when humans no longer drive cars may be sooner than we think and the concept of “driving while impaired” will be no longer.

But would our roads be safer if cars could drive themselves? As an article in the NY Times pointed out, “Robots…don’t need to sleep. Nor do they get drunk or distracted by cellphones.” [Read more…]

DWI Infographic: Does Smoking Marijuana Impair Driving?

The legalization of marijuana in multiple states across the U.S. has raised a very difficult question for many drivers and DWI attorneys. Does marijuana use impair one’s ability to drive?

Marijuana's Effect on Driving

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