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Video: Police Violate Rights at DWI Checkpoint

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DWI Checkpoint Rights Violation | DWI Attorney | Harmon, Smith & Vourvoulias, LLCMost of us would like to believe that police officers will respect our constitutional rights, now matter the circumstances.

Unfortunately, this is not the case—even at DWI checkpoints.

At DWI checkpoints in New Orleans and across Louisiana, officers are required to follow certain protocols to ensure your rights are not violated.

In some cases, officers fail to respect these rights. It is sadly believed by many officers that the average citizen is not fully aware of his or her rights, and this belief is exploited by intimidation and authority presence.

This past summer, such an incident occurred when a man was pulled over at a DWI checkpoint. Fortunately, the driver was well versed in his constitutional rights. The officers, however, failed to respect those rights—and were caught on tape. [Read more…]

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What To Do At DWI Traffic Stop in Louisiana

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How To Handle a DWI Traffic Stop |As an experienced DWI defense attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana, I am often asked what one should do when stopped at a DWI checkpoint.

When stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Louisiana, officers will likely ask you the following questions:

Have you been drinking today?

Remember, everything you say and do is likely being recorded by audio or video, or will be written in the police report. The correct answer is always, “No,” not, “I drank two beers.” [Read more…]

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