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What To Do At DWI Traffic Stop in Louisiana

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How To Handle a DWI Traffic Stop |As an experienced DWI defense attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana, I am often asked what one should do when stopped at a DWI checkpoint.

When stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Louisiana, officers will likely ask you the following questions:

Have you been drinking today?

Remember, everything you say and do is likely being recorded by audio or video, or will be written in the police report. The correct answer is always, “No,” not, “I drank two beers.” [Read more…]

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New Orleans Film Festival

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Louisiana DWI defense attorney - Harmon, Smith & Vourvoulias, LLC

Lights, camera, action!

For the film buffs in New Orleans (or anyone that is looking for a fun night out), the New Orleans Film Festival is almost here.

The week of Oct. 10-17, be sure to check out this annual event held by the New Orleans Film Society to see rookie and veteran filmmakers premiere their latest works. The showings include full-length features, shorts, and animation, as well as music videos.

The New Orleans Film Festival has already established quite a history here in the Crescent City. From its beginnings in 1989, it has grown into one of America’s major film festivals, attracting thousands of producers, writers, and directors from the industry. [Read more…]

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