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College Binge Drinking

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This entry is a follow up on recent WSJ (Wall Street Journal) articles focusing on alcohol abuse. Last week they published an article focusing on the factors leading to a person’s BAC. This week they’re focusing on the challenges that students face, given the culture of college binge drinking.

The challenges of college life can be daunting to students who decide to abstain from alcohol – but they’re not impossible. Many colleges and universities offer substance-free dorms to their students, as well as programs and activities that help ensure alcohol needn’t be a part of college life.

“While many college students believe alcohol is an easy gateway to meeting people, studies have shown that this is not representative of the typical college experience.” In 2010, 63% of college students queried said they don’t binge drink. 41% said they hadn’t gotten drunk in the last month, and 31% said they hadn’t had any alcohol at all in the past month.

As points out, in order to break the culture of college binge drinking, we must dispel the myth that it’s not only normal but expected that college students binge drink. That’s a lofty goal, but one that’s vitally important to the physical and mental health of college students across the country.

As school starts back be conscious of your social activities and the peer pressure you may feel to drink. In Louisiana, what is considered “social drinking” would be viewed as “problem drinking” in many areas of the country. Remember, you are allowed to and should “Have Fun” but be responsible in your consumption of alcohol.

If you are arrested for an alcohol related offense call on Harmon, Smith and Vourvoulias to defend your rights and driving privileges.

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