DWI offenders are in Jindal’s sights

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New Orleans, Louisiana DWI – Governor Bobby Jindal wants the state to get tougher on people who drink and drive.

The governor is proposing a package of new laws to deal more harshly with drivers who get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

In all, the governor is proposing seven pieces of legislation for the upcoming legislative session.

One bill would give law enforcement officers more ways to test drivers for impairment; a second bill would require drivers who refuse to be tested, or fail to pass a chemical test to have their driver’s license suspended unless a successful defense is made during a hearing.

A third bill would require a substance abuse disorder evaluation for first and second offenses by the Department of Health and Hospitals. Normally the evaluation is reserved for drivers with three or more DWI offenses.

A fourth proposed bill to make it illegal to drive with detectable amounts of illicit drugs in one’s body; fifth, a bill to extend the 10 year period during which repeat offenders could face enhanced penalties; sixth, legislation to level out penalties for persons with two DWI offenses.

The final bill would only permit third time DWI offenders enrolled in a state program or drug court in good standing to be eligible to apply for an “ignition-interlock-hardship-restricted driver’s license” by order of a judge after 45 days of having his or her license suspended.

State police said the number of fatal crashes involving alcohol dropped from 439 in 2007 to 265 last year.

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