DWI Risks Increase after Riding with Impaired Drivers

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DWI Risk Teen Drivers | New Orleans, LA DWI Attorney | Harmon, Smith & Vourvoulias, LLCA new government study referenced in USA Today states that teens are more likely to drive while inebriated when exposed to similar behavior as a passenger.

The study shows that the more frequently a teen rides with an impaired driver, the more likely the passenger would drive while intoxicated themselves. In addition, there was a correlation found between drivers who got their driver’s license early being twice as likely as students who received their license in the 12th grade to report driving while impaired, according to a Pediatrics study.

2,500 10th graders were studied starting from 2009-2010 and continued until through the 12th grade. 

DWI was measured by asking participants how many days they drove after drinking or using drugs in the past month. Bruce Simons-Morton, a senior investigator at the Institutes of Child Health and Human Development and author of the study, states that “If you reported exposure to riding with an intoxicated driver at all three surveys, you were 120 times more likely than those who had never been exposed.”  He also stated “When you experience (riding with an impaired driver), it’s a normalizing experience. It sort of suggest that’s just how people do it, so it’s okay when (you) start driving to drive while intoxicated.”

This study is very important, because it shows the impact others can have on you and your children’s future behavior and DWI risks. It is extremely important that you recognize these increased risks in order to prevent yourself from being arrested on suspicion of DWI.

However, if you or a loved one has already been charged with a DWI in New Orleans, waiting to reach out for help only hurts your or your loved one’s chances of clearing their name. Contact an experienced DWI attorney right away if you or a loved one is suspected of driving while intoxicated in or near New Orleans, Louisiana.

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