Get a DUI when on probation, get 15 days in jail: JP judge

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A Metairie, Louisiana woman was recently arrested in New Orleans on June 2, 2012 for a DWI and, as a result, she was placed on probation by an Orleans Parish judge. While she was on probation she was arrested and charged with another instance of driving drunk. Because of her second arrest, a Jefferson Parish judge ordered the suspect to spend fifteen days in jail.

Judge Henry Sullivan, of the 24th Judicial District Court of Louisiana stated that he didn’t think that the defendant/suspect was taking this seriously and also ordered the suspect to wear an alcohol monitoring device as soon as she is released.

The defendant, 23, pleaded guilty on September 6, 2011 to first-degree negligent injury in connection with a 2010 arrest and received four years of probation from Judge Sullivan. Her probation officer requested her probation revoked after she was booked for driving while intoxicated on June 2, 2012 just outside the French Quarter.

Already jailed about seven days, the female suspect was hauled before the judge this week for a hearing at which he ordered her to spend fifteen days in jail and to wear the scram bracelet/monitoring device around her ankle, rather than revoking her probation as requested by her probation officer.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested her March 26, 2010, after she slammed her 2006 BMW into two utility poles near West Esplanade Avenue and Grand Drive, snapping both in half, according to a deputy’s affidavit. A passenger, a man, suffered multiple fractures, leading to her arrest for first-degree negligent injury. She suffered minor injuries.

In his revocation request, the probation officer had missed five consecutive months of reporting to him as required and had not attended the substance abuse treatment the judge had ordered.

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