Highway safety information available through Twitter and Facebook

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The millions of users of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can now access a broad range of safe driving information provided by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. The expansion to social media sites will make highway safety information available to motorists who might otherwise not be reached through traditional media.

“Posting our safety messages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube greatly expands our outreach to people of all ages, especially to younger motorists who are sometimes more challenging to reach through traditional media,” said Lt. Col. John LeBlanc, executive director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

Links to the new social media accounts are prominently displayed on the Commission’s website at www.lahighwaysafety.org. The sites can also be reached directly at:




Information posted on the social media sites includes announcements concerning highway safety issues, news of special enforcement efforts, advertisements relating to safety issues, state crash statistics, videos and other materials. The public can conduct keyword searches of posts and videos on Twitter and YouTube, and Facebook users can connect with the Commission’s page to receive updates.

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