Police checkpoints for inspection stickers may require notice

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Inspection sticker checkpoints. All of us in the greater New Orleans area have seen them or had the unfortunate luck to be delayed by one. Now, Louisiana state lawmakers are deciding whether the public should be notified of these polioce actions in advance. Police are required to provide this type of notice prior to sobriety checkpoints, seatbelts and auto-insurance, why shouldn’t they have to do the same for inspection stickers?

Legislation requiring police to give public warning before setting up checkpoints to stop drivers for violations of the motor vehicle inspection tag laws is nearing approval in the Louisiana Legislature. State lawmakers recently voted 63-26 for House Bill 173 that would require police agencies to alert the public before they set up these actions to search for inspection stickers.

The bill is now waiting on action in the Louisiana Senate Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works. The bill would expand the law that currently requires advance notice be given when checkpoints are established for proof of auto insurance, seat-belt compliance and driving while intoxicated.

The proposed law requires that police use local radio, newspapers and television to notify the public about these police actions. Police currently give the time when the checkpoints are established, about how long they will be up and the general area where they will be located.

Existing law also requires that the police lay out flares, signs and warnings of the impending stop and that the police have an area set aside to detain motorists who are pulled over without backing up traffic.

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