St. John the Baptist Parish, LA Car Accidents

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St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana, was the second permanent settlement in Louisiana and is full of rich history. With an estimated population of 48,000, St. John makes visitors feel welcome with festivals, historic plantations, and fine, Southern cuisine.

Located in New Orleans Plantation Country, St. John Parish is a perfect combination of agricultural land and bustling communities. The people have kept traditions alive for decades, including county fairs to raise money for local charities and bonfires on the Mississippi River levees.

With so many attractions bring people to the parish, car accidents are far too common. Almost every day, four car accidents affect the lives of St. John the Baptist community members.

Worse still, the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office worked 1,619 traffic accidents in 2012, almost a 12 percent increase from 2011.

If you are involved in a car accident, you and your loved ones may face serious injuries. These injuries can come with life-changing physical and emotional difficulties. From financial troubles, to physical pain, to emotional suffering, an injury can be devastating.

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