Saints wide receiver’s DUI hearing

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New Orleans SaintsThere is a common misconception in our society that athletes are perfect, untouchable role models that (if they hit enough home runs, score enough points, or run for enough yards) can do no wrong.

Unfortunately, even in New Orleans, athletes make mistakes. As an experienced DUI attorney, I’m constantly keeping an eye out for DUIs in Louisiana.

You may have heard of the May 25 DUI arrest of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan, reported by The Houston Chronicle.

This is just another example that professional athletes, like all of us, are people, and people make mistakes.

Fortunately, Morgan is on the path to overcome his DUI and return to the Saints’ roster. He’s currently working hard beat to out Nick Toon, Kenny Stills, Jr., and Courtney Roby for the third spot on the receiving depth chart.

Morgan’s court date for his DUI charges was Aug. 23, where he hopedIn to officially move past the entire incident. Because of the DUI charge, he has participated in Stage One of the NFL’s substance abuse program and will likely have to undergo random testing throughout the season, per the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Under Stage One of the NFL’s intervention program, Morgan has undergone a “medical evaluation to determine if he should undergo appropriate clinical intervention and/or treatment and subsequent development of a treatment program.”

As a DUI attorney, I’m thrilled to see team officials, coaches, and teammates appear so supportive of Morgan since his DUI arrest. Often after a DUI, I see the person feel alone without support from those around them.

Morgan is on the path to recovery after his DUI arrest, and I feel sets a good example for others charged with DUIs in the New Orleans area.

If you have any questions about Morgan’s situation, or if you have been arrested on DUI charges, contact an experienced DUI attorney.

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By George Vourvoulias

George is a founding member and managing member of Harmon, Smith & Vourvoulias L.L.C., a New Orleans law firm. George concentrates his practice in maritime personal injury, construction litigation, personal injury, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, and DUI defense. George Vourvoulias's Google+ Profile

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