DWI bill approved by House panel

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A DWI Bill was approved by the Louisiana House Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works yesterday. The Bill would required a driver who was convicted of a third or subsiquent driving while intoxicated offense, but enrolled in a drug or DWI court, to lose his or her driving priviliges for at least 45 days.

Louisiana currently requires the suspension of a person’s driver’s license for three years for these types of convictions, but allows a driver to get an ignition interlock device and a restricted license after the first year.

The proposed House Bill, offered by State Representative Steven Pylant (R) of Winnsboro, says that the judge who is responsible for the DWI or drug court must order the loss of a license for 45 days but can order it re-ionstated and the interlock device used if the court determines the driver is not a bad risk. Under the terms of the proposed bill, the judge may also revoke the restricted license if the driver violates the terms set forth by the judge.

The proposed legislation will now move to a the full House for a vote. The law is labeled HB N0. 670 and the abstract reads as follows:

Proposed law provides that any licensee who is enrolled in a driving while intoxicated court or sobriety court certified by the La. Supreme Court Drug Court Office or the La. Highway Safety Commission as part of a drug division probation program and who is in good standing with the presiding judge may, not less than 45 days following suspension of his license, and upon order of the presiding judge to the department, be issued an ignition interlock restricted license sufficient to maintain livelihood or allow the licensee to maintain the necessities of life or attend chemical dependency treatment sessions or meetings. The presiding judge may revoke the restricted license, by order to the department, upon receiving satisfactory evidence of violation of any restrictions placed upon the licensee.

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By George Vourvoulias

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