DWI Minimum Jail Sentence Bill Advances in Louisiana Senate

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A DWI bill calling for minimum jail sentences for first-offense DWI convictions has been approved by a Louisiana Senate Committee. The proposed law, from Louisiana Senator Jonathan Perry (R-Kaplan), advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee C this past Tuesday. The bill would mandate jail time of at least two days for someone convicted of a first DWI offense.

According to Senator Perry, the rationale for the proposed bill is due to the fact that “we have done nothing in five years to drastically change DWI legislation in any way that makes it more of a deterrent.” The Senator also states that the bill does not require a raise in fines on a first offense DWI because the Senator does not believe it would be a good deterrent for drinking and driving.

Currently, the penalties for a first-offense driving while intoxicated in Louisiana are fines of $300-$1000 and/or 10 days to 6 months of prison time. If the driver’s blood-alcohol content was .15% or higher, they must serve at least 48 hours of the jail sentence without probation, suspension or parole.

The penalties for a second-offense drunk driving in Louisiana are a fine of $750-$1,000 and /or a prison term of 30 days to 6 months. If the person’s blood alcohol content was .15% or higher, 4 days of the jail sentence must be served without the possibility of suspension of the sentence by a judge or probation or parole.

The penalties for a third offense driving while intoxicated are a fine of $2,000 and one year to five years of jail time. A minimum of 30 days of jail time must be served without the possibility oif probation, parole, or a suspended sentence by the judge.

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