New Orleans Oktoberfest

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personal injury attorneyLassen Sie uns Partei!

That’s right, folks, New Orleans’ Oktoberfest fest is almost here! Get ready for sauerkraut, accordions, German beer, and bratwurst the last weekend of September and every weekend in October.

Located in the heart of New Orleans at the Deutsches Haus in Mid City, Oktoberfest celebrates German heritage with live traditional music, traditional German folk dancing, authentic cuisine, and lots of cold beer and German wines.

Some of the delicious dining options to look forward to include sauerbraten, krautwickel, kasseler rippchen, sauerkraut, kartoffelbrei, bratwurst sausage, and giant Bavarian pretzels. 

Oktoberfest in New Orleans attracts up to 15,000 guests each year, people with and without any German heritage. Each night, guests pack outside the courtyard and Biergarten to hear live music from German bands.

During the first or second week of the event, the parade rolls from Covention Center Boulevard to the Deutsches Haus, always ending with a party that could wake all of New Orleans.

The Deutsches Haus was formed in 1928 as a benevolent and social organization, evolved from the Deutsche Gesellschaft von New Orleans. This group provided support for many German immigrants in the New Orleans area.

Today, the Deutsches Haus has become an organization with a mission to celebrate and foster the culture, heritage, history, and language of the German people in Louisiana.

If you’re seeking a good time this October and are in the mood for krautwickel (that’s ground beef stuffing rolled in cabbage for any Oktoberfest newbies), head over to the Deutsches Haus in New Orleans for a rechtzeitig.

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By George Vourvoulias

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