Woman charged with fifth DUI, son and drugs in car

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Police say that a 35-year-old woman was driving drunk northbound on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Friday night. Also in her vehicle were, allegedly, cocaine, marijuana, prescription medication and her 8-year-old son. She was charged with a DWI for a fifth time.

The suspect was also booked with child endangerment, drug possession, driving with a suspended license and careless driving.

She was transported to State Police Troop L headquarters near Mandeville, Louisiana where she refused to submit to chemical breath and urine tests prior to being taken to the St. Tammany Parish jail.

The implied consent law in Louisiana deems that all drivers in the State of Louisiana agree to submit to a chemical test of blood, breath or urine if a peace officer has reasonable cause to believe you are under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs. If you refuse to submit to such a test your drivers license will be suspended for 180 days the first refusal. If you refuse to chemical testing for a second time your drivers license will be suspended for 545 days

The owner of the pickup the suspect was driving collected the 8-year-old son and agreed to bring him to his father.

The most serious violations the female suspect is accused of are the drug possession and fifth-offense DWI.

Under Louisiana law, first-time convictions of cocaine and illegal prescription drug possession allow for sentences of up to five years. Conviction of a fourth or subsequent DWI carries a punishment of 10 to 30 years in prison, but this sentence can be suspended.

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